1. 365/365

    I guess I’m done.

    These images are part of my anxiety ridden series on home-life. These make up the “constructed reality” part of the project where I literally photographed a constructed reality than what I grew up knowing. This can be seen in the above images which are my interpretation of what I always wanted, that being family suppers, clean laundry, and lunches packed by my mom.

    All shot on my 4x5 view camera.

  2. 364/365

    notes to myself because i forgot paper

  3. 363/365

    fujiroid vs film

  4. 362/365

    blake & i

  5. 361/365


  6. 360/365


  7. 359/365

    family family family

  8. 358/365

    fourth of july.
    23rd birthday.

  9. 357/365


  10. 356/365